Book On Manners


About The Book

An engaging picture storybook on manners for children. Teaches Boys to Be Gentlemen and Girls How To Be Treated. Great pictures, very rhythmical and will make you laugh.

I was teaching my grandson polite things to do. We were talking about when you pick someone up at their house you get out of the car and knock on the door, instead of honking or texting! Always opening the door for a lady and doing as your parents tell you.

One day my grandson and I were shopping and he opened the door for me. I said “Thank you, Curtis” and he said “Of course Grandma, that’s what gentlemen do.” So began the idea for this story.

We hope you enjoy it. It will teach manners but also make you chuckle. It’s a great book for Boys and Girls, Teachers, Pre-Schools, Kids Church Groups, Anyone who wants to make sure we never run out of Gentlemen!

Remember, when you open doors for others, doors will open for you! Mama T and Curtis

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